Making Clinical Research Easier to Understand

Making Clinical Research Easier to Understand

Sep 21, 2018

Welcome to The Clinical Chronicler; Making Clinical Research Easier to Understand!

There’s something intimidating about the world of Clinical Research — especially if you are looking to participate in a research study!

The world of Clinical Research seems to move at a breakneck pace, and it can be confusing keeping up with current studies, research developments, as well as the medical jargon that is often thrown around in most research journals.  In turn, these factors make the decision difficult for an individual who is interested in joining a study.   That’s why we, at The Clinical Chronicler, are blogging to break down those barriers and provide you with insightful, easy-to-read blogs that will allow you to gain an inside look into the industry. Read on to discover the 4 types of blogs we’ll be publishing here at The Clinical Chronicler!

Condition Overviews

We work with a variety of medical conditions across our numerous trials here. From Psychiatry and Neurology, to Women’s Health and Pain Management, chances are good there is a trial for you! We’ll be writing in-depth blogs on individual diagnosis; discussing the symptoms and signs, as well as current treatments in the field. So read up and get a better understanding of a condition that you or a loved one may have questions about.

Current Research/Industry News

Want to stay up to date on current research in the field of psychiatry? We’ll be bringing you exciting developments for new investigational medications, break downs of recently published results, and provide you with an inside look at what up–and-coming treatments to watch out for! We’ll also let you know what Clinical Trials are currently active in your area. Finally, we’ll provide our own interpretation on breaking Industry News, and what it may mean to you, the reader.

Patient and Staff Interviews

There is no better way to learn about what goes on during a clinical trial than hearing from people who’ve already participated in them. We’ll be providing fresh perspectives from individual patients on their time in a research trial as well as their thoughts on the process. Also, keep an eye out for interviews with our staff who keep a Clinical Research Site running; and learn about day-to-day operations inside various sites in Arizona, California, and Nevada.

Mental Health Maintenance

Last, but certainly not least, are our blogs on Mental Health Maintenance. So many people focus on keeping their body healthy, but neglect their mental health without a second thought. We’ll provide you with tips for dealing with stress, guidelines on mental stability, and introspective posts to encourage you to re-examine negative practices in your life. So stay tuned for ways to live a mentally healthier and happier life!

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